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Digital content creator

A digital content creator is a jack of all careers and is as comfortable writing an article as creating a video or performing live on Twitch. They are a swiss army knife who can consider working independently by developing their activity or for a video game company (and why not become an influencer). Thanks to their skills, they can adapt to any situation and project. One of their objectives is to offer quality content.

Content Creator Job Description
Last update
Level of studies: high school diploma +1
Recommended high school specialisation: Literary
Employability: Good
Starting salary: € 2,500
Salary after experience: € 3,750
Mobility: Good
ROME code: E1104
FAP code: U1Z82

The responsibilities of a digital content creator

Whether they work within a company or as a freelancer, the responsibilities of a digital content creator can be different. Therefore, they may be required to produce optimised editorial content using referencing, produce and edit short videos (video editor), create illustrations, or even host live streaming from their channel on Youtube to present a game. In addition, they will be able to establish a strategic communication and digital marketing plan to unite and increase a community. They will have to carry out a follow-up and a complete analysis of published content to improve it. These are all characteristics that make a digital content creator an eclectic profession.

The skills of a digital content creator

As they are a bit of a Swiss Army knife, a digital content creator must have a range of skills to create videos, write articles, do SEO, stream, etc. It is, therefore, able to use:

  • Creation tools for web
  • SEO and internet traffic analysis
  • Social networks
  • Content management platforms
  • Video production and editing tools and software
  • Web writing techniques and graphics
  • English
WordPress software is a must-have in a digital content creator’s range of skills.
Google Analytics
A digital content creator must know how to analyse and use Google Analytics to increase web traffic.

The qualities of a digital content creator

By working both within a company or alone for their channel, a digital content creator will have must-have qualities that will make them a recognised, competent and sought-after professional. Therefore, they must be:

  • Curious and open-minded
  • Creative
  • Rigorous
  • Organised
  • Able to work in a team

Studies are needed to become a digital content creator

You can start to do this profession after a high school diploma +1 year in a higher education establishment. This is a year in which you will learn all aspects of content creation and perform well in a professional context. All the high school diploma specialities (general and technological) can lead to higher education courses such as a digital content creator, even if specialities in literature, Digital and computer science, or even English are ideal.

It is possible to create a site and make a video or a channel on the net easily, so already having a minimum of experience will allow you to stand out.


While taking a training course, a digital content creator will gain skills in digital marketing and video creation and the use of streams, as on Twitch.
Which course?

We at G. Business chose to offer a short one-year training course during which students are taught to become « swiss army knives » in creating digital content. The course focuses explicitly on the worlds of video games and entertainment.

The digital content creator certification is based on three areas: graphic tools and video; animation and streaming; communication and digital marketing. All the while, students are surrounded and accompanied by mentors and coaches.

The training takes place on the Lyon campus.

Register for training

The registration process to join G. Business and apply to our certification is relatively straightforward. The application conditions: be 18 years old and a (little) experience in content production.

You will therefore need to complete the application form directly online. Then, after receiving it, we select the candidates based on the prerequisites and the quality of the application before considering an interview. During the hour-long interview, the future student demonstrates all their motivation and interest in the profession for an hour.

Finally, after an admission jury, we communicate the result of the admissions process by email and telephone.

Note: we take into account both the quality of the dossier and your motivation.


During this one-year accelerated training, students will not carry out internships but work on concrete projects as if they were in a professional environment for the course duration. They will therefore switch between learning on the campus in Lyon, but also online.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Each profession has its advantages and disadvantages. A digital content creator is no exception.


  • Highly employable profession
  • Acquisition of a general culture
  • Possibility of working as a freelancer
  • Progressive salary
  • Creative profession (versatility)


  • Accept that this is a demanding job
  • Always look for originality (at least for some responsibilities)
  • Know how to manage and meet objectives
  • Lots of competition
  • Know how to stand out

The salary of a digital content creator

By leaving training, a digital content creator can earn on average 2,000 euros per month. This can amount to a little more (3000 euros) depending on how they work. Then, with experience, some earn up to 40,000 or even 50,000 euros per year, representing 4,000 euros per month.

In Montreal, the average salary for a content manager is 58,000 dollars per year and sometimes goes up to over $ 75,000. As for America, in San Francisco, the range is around 70,000 dollars (between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars).

Being a freelancer also affects salary.

Where can you work?

Today, most companies in all sectors have developed a digital content strategy to strengthen their online presence. This is even more true in the entertainment sectors such as video games or the web. A digital content creator is essential for these companies to highlight their quality, value, and brand.

This is why we now find these professionals within structures such as the Bandai Namco and Gameloft studios, at SFR and their gaming branch, and also within Nintendo. They also work with large companies that have nothing to do with the gaming industry like Renault, the Française des Jeux, etc.

In addition, they can choose to work for themselves by developing their channel or their blog for example. They can, but places are expensive, become an influencer. Or just freelance and work on assignments.


Working as a digital content creator can allow you to move towards other responsibilities, such as community manager, brand manager, digital marketing manager. They can become responsible for digital communication or digital strategy.

Become a freelancer

This is the main advantage of this job. A digital content creator can be a freelancer. Companies can very well call on them to carry out a specific project to manage their content. To do this job, you will have to be even more rigorous, organised and creative. Another solution is having an independent status to develop your channel, for example, and increasing its traffic to attract advertisers. The goal is to make a living from it.

Famous digital content creators

Avec leur chaîne sur Youtube ou sur Twitch, une poignée de créateurs de contenus digitaux spécialisés notamment dans les jeux vidéo sont devenus de véritables professionnels, vivant de leur activité sur les réseaux. Les places sont chères et tous ne prétendent pas le devenir. Il faut savoir que d’autre arrivent très bien à en vivre en étant dans l’ombre.

Parmi, les personnes qui sortent du lot sur Youtube, on peut noter : CyprienGaming et ses 6,4 millions d’abonnés, Squeezie Gaming (3,7 millions de fans) ou encore TheKAIRI78 (3,6 millions d’abonnés). Sur Twitch, on peut citer la chaîne Ninja (16 millions d’abonnés), Tfue, Shroud, Gotaga

With their channel on Youtube or Twitch, a handful of digital content creators specialising in video games have become true professionals, making a living from their activity on the networks. It is rare, and not everyone can do this job. You should know that others manage very well without becoming household names.

Among the people who stand out on Youtube; CyprienGaming and his 6.4 million subscribers, Squeezie Gaming (3.7 million fans) or TheKAIRI78 (3.6 million subscribers). On Twitch, we can refer to the Ninja channel (16 million subscribers), Tfue, Shroud, Gotaga

youtuber Squeezie
With his channel on Youtube, which nearly 4 million people follow, Squeezie Gaming has become an influencer.


In summary

How can you become a digital content creator?

Developing video content, writing web articles, and hosting a show on Twitch, a digital content creator is a professional who can do a bit of everything. We often give them the nickname « Swiss Army Knife » since they have the skills to lead different projects. So to be able to meet the needs of projects, they need specific training during which they will learn the basics of the trade. This is what we teach at G. Business with our digital content creator certification.