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How to apply to Gaming Campus schools?

Last places available for the start of the 2022 academic year. We invite you to apply today without going through ParcourSup. Admission sessions and juries take place every week.

For any questions, please contact the admissions department at

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How to apply ?

4 steps, with a response in 15 days.
We have chosen an application process without competition and without going through ParcourSup. That way, we can study each application and can maximise the equality of opportunities and the potential of each candidate. This also allows us to put academic history on the same level as professional career goals. Finally, our short admissions method is based on exchange, and we hope to reduce students' stress in their search for a course.
Submit your application
Directly online from our site. Our admissions officers support you throughout your application.
We will study your application
We will analyse your academic career based on the prerequisites of the course you have chosen. Your career goals are just as important in our admissions department decision. You will receive a response within 7 days.
Admission interviews
Once our application form is validated, you are invited to a professional interview with the head of pedagogy. There is also an English test (non-eliminatory).
Admission result
You are then either admitted, put on the waiting list, or not admitted. The jury will give you reasons for its decision.

Cassandra S.'s experience
with applying to Gaming Campus

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When can you apply for Gaming Campus ?

Open applications. You can apply now without going through ParcourSup. The classes in our schools are limited to maintain a good relationship and teaching style. If you would like to know the number of places still available, contact our admissions service.
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Who can apply ?

You can apply after your high school diploma or through admission on record after completing further years in a higher education diploma.

The diversity of our classes is one of the key elements in preparing our students for a professional environment. This is why we study all applications regardless of academic profile. Below are the statistics of eligible applicants in our schools over the past 3 years.
- High school diploma -
Statistiques bachelor
- Higher education -
Statistiques MBA


Application forms
Logo école G. BS
Admission requirements
Bachelor & MBA
Logo Ecole G. Tech
Computer science
Admission requirements
Bachelor & MSc
Logo Ecole G. Art
Digital arts
Admission requirements
Bachelor & MBA

Questions ?
Attend our
open days online

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Do you want to join our video game schools?
Here you will find several answers to your questions.
Here you will find several answers to your questions. We invite you to contact us if you have any additional questions.
From what date can I apply ?
Applications are now open for the 2022 school year.
Until when can I apply ?
Our juries meet every week, apply today to maximise your chances of having a place in one of our schools.
Do I have to go through ParcourSup ?
No, you can apply without going through ParcourSup. Like many higher education schools, we have chosen not to be present on the platform for the moment.
I have doubts about my academic eligibility.
Your grades and diplomas are essential in our selection criteria. However, we are also interested in your professional career goals and passion for the video game industry. On the application page, you can show us your motivation. Please take advantage of this and give us a lot of information about your experience in the video games sector.
I am hesitating between several of your schools, what should I do ?
Take the time to read the programmes of each school. If you are still unsure, you can contact Marie Poulat, the head of admissions:
Can you help me pay the tuition fees ?
Tuition fees vary from 8 900€ to 9 800€ per year. We can offer payments either 3 or 10 times per year. We also have links with LCL that can help you secure a loan. Our project-based learning style will allow you the flexibility to find a student job for 10-15 hours per week. Finally, we sometimes offered paid activities on campus.
I will have to find accommodation in Lyon or Paris, where to start
Various student residencies are partnered with Gaming Campus.
I would like to meet you before applying.
We often hold open days. You can sign-up here
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact Marie Poulat and her admissions team at