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XR Developer

Within the great family of video game developers is a new position, the XR developer. It is an increasingly sought-after profession because these developers work on programming both real and virtual environments.

XR Developer Job Description
Last update
Level of studies: master’s degree
Recommended high school specialisation: Scientific
Employability: Very good
Starting salary: € 3,000
Salary after experience: € 6,050
Mobility Very good
ROME code : M1805
FAP code: M2790
"The job of an XR developer is a versatile job, the developer has to work on various subjects ranging from augmented reality to virtual reality. Above all, we are obliged to keep abreast of the evolution of these technologies in order to be able to provide applications that are always at the cutting edge of the latest market innovations, both in software and in hardware. "
Logo Pristimantis Julien Noah
Julien Noé
AR / VR / XR Developer at Pristimantis

What is XR?

Extended reality is becoming more and more common in the world of video games, although it was started in 2009. XR mixes other realities to create a real environment with a three-dimensional virtual environment. This creates unique, immersive and innovative experiences for the user with levels of interactivity with and between these different elements. Video games are starting to use reality XR, and it is making a breakthrough in sectors like the automotive industry or real estate.

La XR est un mélange de réalité virtuelle avec le réel. On peut l'expérimenter avec un casque dédié
The XR is a mixture of virtual reality with reality. You can experience it with a dedicated headset

The responsibilities of an XR developer

The half-augmented / half-virtual experience has begun. From this, an XR developer will work on:

  • Analysing needs
  • Being proactive
  • Conceptualising and carrying out the project
  • Creating VR and AR features
  • Testing
  • Improvements and fixing bugs

Julien Noé adds: « The responsibilities of an XR developer are varied. From customer advice to technological advice for hardware and software choices, through to application development and technological observation. These responsibilities require a good mastery of the production chain of an application and of the latest augmented reality and virtual reality technologies on the market. « 

Skills to master

While virtual reality is used widely in video games, XR is a little less so, so that’s the challenge for years to come. This is why an XR developer can also be a technician who masters other forms of technology, especially video game programming. They must therefore know:

  • Software architecture
  • VR and AR tools (HTC Vive, Oculus, etc.)
  • 3D game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine…)
  • Development languages ​​(C #, C +++, Java, etc.)
  • Graphical programming (HLSL shaders)
  • Design methods
  • Production, integration, visualisation, test tools
"A good XR developer must above all regularly practice on software such as Unity3D or even Unreal Engine by integrating the latest SDKs (Software Development Kit) on the market, in order to be able to create augmented reality applications that can be ported to different equipment such as smartphones, tablets, augmented reality headsets or even virtual reality headsets. Proficiency in C # and C ++ is a significant asset to be able to develop applications necessary for XR development. Knowledge of computer graphics careers (2D / 3D / Videos) is also a plus for successfully integrating the elements present in the applications."
Logo Pristimantis Julien Noah
Julien Noé
AR / VR / XR Developer at Pristimantis

The qualities you should have

In this position, several qualities are essential, such as:

  • Creativity
  • Work ethic
  • Listening
  • Autonomy
  • Communication
  • Perseverance
Le jeu vidéo Pokemon Go est l'exemple même de développement de réalité augmentée
Pokemon Go is the epitome of augmented reality development.

Which high school diploma should they have?

XR developer is a technical profession and they should have done a general high school diploma with a speciality in mathematics or science. The reason is simple: organisation, logic and calculations are essential here. Then, by going to a school specialising in video game careers, they will be able to learn the fundamentals and acquire sought-after skills.

What school should you consider for this career?

Our G. Tech school is made for those who are passionate about video games, virtual reality, and all their components. We have two diplomas that train for the XR development. The first: a bachelor’s degree in Computer Development specialising in video games allows students to acquire all skills in computer development over three years.

Then the MSc in Video Game Programming brings an additional level of knowledge, in particular in the computer development of a video game. For two years, the secrets of augmented reality, AI, game engines, programming, etc. will be revealed.

All this is taught via project-based pedagogy. We ask each student to carry out concrete projects alone or with others. Finally, internships are completed each year.

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Applying the knowledge learned in training and confronting the reality in the workplace are two important things in a student’s life. Carrying out an internship in a company is one of the best ways to gain experience, create a network, and familiarise yourself with the gaming environment.

We, therefore, offer several internship periods throughout the five years of training.

  • The internship lasts two months in the 1st and 2nd years of the bachelor’s degree.
  • Three months at the end of 3rd year
  • Six months in 4th year of MSc
  • A 5th year exclusively via internships and fixed-term contracts

We regularly distribute internship offers to the school. In addition, on specialised sites like Welcome to the jungle, it is possible to find a company to work in.

The salary of an XR developer

It is still challenging to get an overview of the salaries of XR developers. However, we can estimate that a developer in virtual reality can earn up to 45,000 euros per month. Abroad, in Canada, the pay can easily exceed $ 100,000.

Travailler comme développeur XR, tous les studios ne le permettent pas, mais ils sont de plus en plus à  se tourner vers cette technologie
Not all studies look for XR developers, but they are increasingly turning towards this technology.

Which companies can you work in?

It is a fairly new profession. Additionally, not all studios have embarked on VR or AR, let alone XR. The largest do, like Ubisoft. Others have small, dedicated teams. On the other hand, these are highly sought after profiles in other fields such as industry, marketing, and energy.

"The profession of XR developer is above all a "jack of all trades” profession, XR technologies are constantly and rapidly evolving. XR developers make it possible to solve more and more new problems for companies and, therefore, work on new subjects. The singularity translates into a wide range of possibilities in terms of application. Creating a virtual reality application for teaching maintenance assistance, augmented reality applications for new tools for tourism, or even interactive video projections for the event sector, the job of XR developer is above all a job where projects, just as customer requests are as vast as the technology allows.”
Logo Pristimantis Julien Noah
Julien Noé
AR / VR / XR Developer at Pristimantis

Possible evolutions

After a few years of experience, an XR developer can become an XR lead developer or go to the next level and become a video game project manager.

Les avantages et les inconvénients de ce métier

The job of an XR developer has its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits :

  • New profession, therefore, sought after
  • Essential technical mastery, therefore possible career evolution
  • Possibility of working in many sectors
  • An attractive salary that can change quickly

« The main advantage of this job is being able to work on the latest market trends in immersive technologies. It also allows you to see and resolve new problems thanks to new XR devices on the market. The possibilities that the XR developer profession offers is a wide choice of applications that can be produced with these technologies, therefore, you avoid routine in the creation of applications », emphasises Julien Noé.


  • Important schedules
  • A new profession, therefore, fewer job offers than the profession of video game developer.

« On the downside, the documentation and usage information for these devices are often scarce, forcing the XR developer to research solutions to these issues diligently. Finally, like any work in the digital profession, we must keep in mind enjoying working in front of a computer and the sedentary life that this profession obliges », he adds.

L'avenir du jeu vidéo s'écrit-il en jouant à la réalité XR comme ce joueur casque et manettes à la main ?
Will the future of video games be playing reality XR games like this player with headphones and hand controllers?

Is freelance XR developer possible?

Like many development careers, this extended reality specialisation can be done freelance. This is an advantage when you do not want to work for a single company or have a permanent contract. However, it may turn out to be precarious, especially at the beginning. To start as a freelancer, you need to have a few years of experience to be comfortable with various software, tools, and project management.

In summary

Résumé Fiche Métier Développeur XR

XR Developer Job Summary

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How can you become an XR developer?

Quite simply by going through a school specialising in video game careers. Our G. Tech establishment offers this through two diplomas. First, the Computer Development bachelor’s degree offers the fundamentals of computer programming. Then our MSc in Video Game Programming allows you to improve your skills and learn, for example, virtual reality techniques.