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Video production manager for video games

In a video game, the audiovisual parts visible on the screen, such as cutscenes, teasers, interfaces, or anything animated, are produced by a video production manager for video games. They are also called upon to create content to promote video games.

Production Manager Job Description
Last update
Level of studies: master’s degree
Recommended high school specialisation: Any
Employability: Good
Starting salary:/td> € 2,500
Salary after experience: € 3,375
Mobility: Good
Rome code: L1507
FAP code : U1Z80
"To fully grasp the atmosphere of the video game and to immerse ourselves as much as possible in the universe to be able to reproduce the will of the studio faithfully, we work with game teams", explains Yohan Tison, a manager at the audiovisual production company Golem Studio, based in Toulouse and which also offers 2D and 3D visual effects.
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Yohan Tison
Founder and video production manager Golem Studio


There are many responsibilities for a video production manager for video games. They are characterised by several objectives to be carried out daily, namely:

  • Analyse and define frameworks and characteristics of content
  • Make animated or natural creations
  • Organise video shoots if necessary
  • Keep up with the latest trends
  • Manage administration
Exemple World of Warcraft
With their achievements, a video game production manager must make players want to immerse themselves in the game.

What are their skills?

A video production manager must know a set of techniques and have skills and knowledge in video games to do this job. And, of course, knowledge in the audiovisual sector. In detail, they will know:

  • Control the audiovisual production chain
  • Master the production chain of a video game
  • Speak the language of video games and audiovisual
  • To manage a team

« They must put themselves at the service of the project and therefore show artistic detachment to serve the video game best. In addition, the production manager knows the best way to achieve a result while limiting costs. It is essential », underlines Yohan Tison.

The qualities of a video production manager

With their responsibilities, a video production manager for video games has qualities that allow them to do their job well, to carry out their responsibilities. They are, therefore:

  • Rigorous
  • Autonomous
  • Curious
  • Know how to work in a team
Yohan Tison adds: "In team management, good communication is essential because we often work under very short deadlines. At times you have to know how to keep a certain cool. In addition, you have to know how to put yourself at the customer's service while remaining a force of proposal and being innovative. "
Golem Studio logo yohan ember
Yohan Tison
Founder and video production manager Golem Studio

Which high school diploma should you take?

You have to go through a high school diploma + 2 years of higher education to work in this position. A general high school diploma specialising in digital and computer sciences or a technical high school diploma STD2A can be chosen in high school. Then you can do a higher technical certificate (BTS) in audiovisual or join a school specialising in video games.

Film, direct, edit, video production manager must be able to do everything
A video production manager for video games must be versatile and know how to film, direct, and edit videos.
Schools to consider for this career

Exercising this profession requires in-depth training to be able to master audiovisual technical aspects and video game theories.

For this, our G. Art school allows you to familiarise yourself with these two environments with our audiovisual careers course. It is a three-year diploma that trains you to become a video game production manager. On the program: image culture, the design of a video project, learning about pre-production, filming, post-production, cinematics and trailer arts, etc.

It is a course that is accessible from 18 years old which focuses on carrying out concrete projects.


We offer all of our students’ several internship periods throughout their education. These internships range from two months in the first and second year of the bachelor’s degree to three months in the last year. Then there are six months in the fourth year. Finally, the last year of the MBA takes place at an alternating rate with internships and fixed-term contracts.

Immersion in business is one of our priorities. Therefore, the student can apply their knowledge and become familiar with the sector, its advantages, and its constraints.


At the start of their career, the video production manager for junior video games can earn around 30,000 euros per year. A senior can earn up to 45,000 euros.

Which companies can you work in?

You can work independently, within a studio or for a service provider, in many different ways depending on your status or your employer. It is, therefore, common to see production companies working in connection with a video game company. Some important studios, on the contrary, recruit this talent internally.

Career developments

By having an overview of all the audiovisual production of a video game, a video production manager can take on responsibilities by becoming, for example, responsible for the audiovisual productions of a game and creating a business to offer their services to studios. Their position may lead them to diversify, particularly in cinema, television or advertising.

Exemple of video game cinematic
A video game production manager can also work in advertising or cinema.

The pros and cons

Working as a video game production manager means accepting its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Broad knowledge of the audiovisual industry and video games
  • Short training possible
  • Imagination force
  • A relatively high salary after leaving school


  • A supervised imagination and creativity that must respect precise specifications
  • Knowing how to adapt to the responsibilities requested: whether for marketing, for video games, for the communication department

Is it possible to be a freelance video production manager?

In the video game industry, it is common to see freelance video game production managers. Like any profession that operates in this way, it is advisable that you increase your experience in companies for a few years to familiarise yourself with this environment. Then, you can work as a freelancer. Ensure that you know how to discipline yourself, be rigorous in rendering, and respect constraints.

In summary

Video production manager in video

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How can you become a video production manager for video games?

All the audiovisual communication made around a video game and all the video content visible during the game phases are the work of a video production manager for the video game. To become one, you should choose a course specialised in the video game careers such as our school G. Art. We offer an audiovisual careers training course over three years.