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Video game and esport data analyst

We call them data analysts or statisticians. A video game and esports data analyst is a professional in statistics who knows how to read, extract, measure, analyse and translate data to establish precise reports intended for the sales teams and marketing.

Data Analyst job sheet
Last update
Level of studies: Master’s degree
Recommended high school specialisation: Scientific
Employability: Very good
Starting salary: €3,916
Salary after experience: €4,583
Mobility: Very good
ROME code: M1403
FAP code: L5Z90
"The gaming sector offers an extremely vast array of products and services: multiple platforms for playing, the advent of mobile games, around sixty genres ... understanding the motivations of players is therefore essential for designing new games with potential, for allowing existing games to evolve, or even (re)inventing the business models of tomorrow."
Qweri Logo Photo by Marine Dutrieux
Marine Dutrieux
Co-founder of Qweri
Game studio developers can increase the quality of a game like Overwatch 2 based on the work of the video game and esports data analyst.
"Our team is responsible for managing game data (inter-branch integration on Perforce), ensuring the quality and consistency of game data, delivering versions, managing lives and the maintenance that go with it, as well as the pool of machines used for these tasks. At the same time, we are developing tools used by the teams and ourselves, which we maintain and develop to improve them and meet the needs of the teams. "
Thomas Wiplier ivory tower logo
Thomas Wiplier
Data manager at Ivory Tower

The role of a video game and esport data analyst

A video game and esports data analyst will work at the start of the project, from its conception to its operation. By identifying, analysing, dissecting the data and then developing recommendations, their tasks will improve the game or an esport event. On a daily basis, it will be up to them to:

  • Build tools for monitoring and analysing data
  • Structure and analyse a database
  • Define sales strategies
  • Analyse behaviours
  • Provide recommendations to production
  • Make predictions
"Understanding the motivations of players and their profiles makes it possible to adapt the content of the game as a whole, but also to personalise the content according to each player. Take the example of a classic adventure game. If they "understand" the level of the player, for example, they can therefore adapt to the latter by varying the difficulty of the AI ​​up or down. For esport, the contribution of data allows more embellished events rather than gameplay improvements since it is in a player against player context."
Logo Ubisoft Julien Pellet
Julien Pellet
Game Intelligence Analyst Ubisoft

The skills of a video game and esport data analyst

You cannot become a data analyst by snapping your fingers. This job requires specific skills. You will be required to master:

  • SQL and no-SQL databases
  • Internet analysis tools
  • Forecast models and statistics
  • Data management tools (Excel, Access, SAS, SPSS)
  • English
  • Constant monitoring of trends on player community groups and social networks

Marine Dutrieux further explains the importance of this role: « There are many tools available to organisations to analyse their data, understand trends, and visualise the performance and business opportunities of tomorrow. The market, therefore, is increasingly valuing the profession of data analyser. This is why this career will become more and more central, though not at the heart of the reactor, within organisations developing in a data driven logic. « 

Julien Pellet adds to this:

"A data analyst must, of course, have technical skills enabling them to carry out the basic requests. Their added value will lie in the quality of their presentation of information and the popularisation of data. They must also understand the need and identify the end use of the requestor so that they can provide the answer that suits them best. "
Logo Ubisoft Julien Pellet
Julien Pellet
Game Intelligence Analyst Ubisoft
Logiciel SPSS de data management que le data analyst jeu vidéo doit maîtriser
A video game data analyst must master SPSS data management software
Interface du logiciel Access que le data analyst jeux vidéo doit connaître
A video game data analyst must understand the Access software interface

« There are many tools to understand, but which can be learned in the field, in the job itself. That was how I learned. Suppose the candidate, like me, is more oriented to release build specialisms. In that case, you’ll also need curiosity and organisation to understand the mechanisms used in our processes in order to control them better. On the other hand, if the person is DevOps (tool development), you have to know how to program, » explains Thomas Wiplier.

The qualities of the video game and esports data analyst

« They must make the data they manipulate speak for itself: beyond the work ethic required to handle databases, and challenge their data collection from the teams concerned, they must know how to take a step back and be proactive to enable the organisation for whom they work to go faster thanks to the data that they analyse, » defines Marine Dutrieux.

It is a profession sought after by many publishers, and a data analyst must have intrinsic qualities since the stakes are high. Responsiveness, a spirit of synthesis and work ethic are required.

Advantages and disadvantages

As in all careers, being a video game and esports data analyst has its share of advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits :

  • Desired profession
  • Good salary
  • Versatile
  • Help improve the game


  • Doing specialised training is almost compulsory
  • Sometimes repetitive responsibilities
For Thomas Wiplier, the disadvantage of this job "is that it is in the shadows, visibility is minor compared to other teams, but they are nevertheless essential to keep the game alive. The advantage: our team is at the heart of the game's development, we work with the entire studio, which gives us a fairly global view of how the game works".
ivory tower logo Thomas Wiplier
Thomas Wiplier
Data manager at Ivory Tower

Studies to become a video game and esport data analyst

To become a data analyst in the video game industry, a minimum level of study is necessary since it requires acquiring skills in handling data. For this, after a scientific or economic high school diploma, it is necessary to pursue a specialisation in marketing, statistics or IT in order to leave education with a master’s degree.

Video game and esport data analyst training courses

While many training courses can lead to this profession, the ideal path is to obtain a diploma in a school specialising in video games and esports in order to understand all the challenges of the market.

For this, the MBA in Video Games and Esport Management from the G. Business School (Gaming Campus) provides all the tools in terms of strategy, personal development and interpersonal skills. But above all, we help you to specialise in marketing, communication and digital transformation of video games or entrepreneurship, project management and video game innovation.

Accessible after the G. BS bachelor’s degree or in admission on record (after a bachelor’s degree or the 1st year of a master’s degree), this MBA is complemented by internships and work-study programs.

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Internship periods in a company

They are compulsory and must be completed to succeed in your studies. The internship periods in companies are experiences that allow students to confront the world of work and apply their knowledge. For this, we offer several sessions:

Bachelor’s degree: twice for two months during the 1st and 2nd year. Then three months in the third year.

In MBA: six months the first year and a work-study placement or internships or fixed-term contracts in the last year.

Data Analyst
Becoming a video game and esport data analyst requires a master’s degree level of education.

The salary of a video game and esports data analyst

At the end of school, the salary of a junior data analyst can reach 47,000 euros gross per year. After several years of experience, their salary can easily be more than 55,000 euros.

In Montreal, the temple of video games, the salary of a data scientist ranges from $ 60,000 at the lowest to more than $ 100,000 for the highest. In San Francisco, it’s much more: between 100,000 and 180,000 dollars.

Which companies can you work in?

This professional in data and data analysis works for a publisher, in particular for the most important publishers such as EA Games or Gameloft. But not only those few: Voodoo, Blade Shadow, Amuse also have them. It is also common to see them working within a specialised agency or a consulting firm such as Artefact for example.

"I chose this job for its methodical and organisational aspects. I'm always looking for optimisation and automation of tasks to avoid errors and to streamline production. In addition, the central aspect of this job is really pleasant and makes it unique. Live management is also great too, coupled with strong emotions (we always worry during maintenance, and we are all reassured when it ends!)"
ivory tower logo Thomas Wiplier
Thomas Wiplier
Data manager at Ivory Tower

Opportunities for a video game and esport data analyst profession

Through their experience and know-how in data analysis, a data analyst can easily move into other positions throughout their career. They can take on responsibilities by becoming director of statistical studies, whether in the world of gaming or in other sectors.

In addition, they may consider becoming a video game and esports product manager.

Can a video game and esports data analyst work as a freelancer?

Yes, it’s possible. However, it is not very common. Many are employees of a company. It will be a plus to multiply experiences like this in order to be able to embark into an independent working environment. The best path is to become an auto-entrepreneur, to develop and canvass prospects. Then, motivation, work ethic, organisation, analysis and skills will do the rest.

In summary

Résumé Data Analyst

How can you become a video game and esports data analyst?

Becoming a video game and esport data analyst requires knowing how to handle mathematics and statistics since the role relates to the analysis and optimisation of data so that a publisher can improve the profitability of their product; and for the player for their experience. For this, a scientific or economic high school diploma is almost obligatory, then a three-year training course in computer science, marketing or statistics is a plus before continuing to an MBA specialising in esport management (in two years) at the G. Business school. It is also possible to go through the bachelor’s degree pathway to acquire gaming cultural knowledge.

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