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Associate video game producer

Throughout the process of creating a video game, production careers are essential for the feasibility of the project. Among them, the associate producer assists the producer and ensures the smooth running of the production from start to finish. They may also specialise in certain areas.

Associate Producer Job Description
Last update
Level of studies: master’s degree
Recommended high school specialisation: Scientific ou Economic
Employability : Good
Starting salary: € 2,085
Salary after experience: € 3,750
Mobility: Good
ROME code : E1104
FAP code : U1Z82

What do they do?

The assignments of the associate producer are essential when creating a video game. It is up to them to ensure that the project takes shape and that it respects the instructions in the specifications and the main production guidelines. In detail, they are required to:

  • Follow the work and progress of development with the different teams
  • Communicate the progress and any problems to the producer
  • Write and update the documents required for the project
  • Make sure that quality is always present
  • Manage, mobilise and advance teams

Their qualities and skills

In this position, the qualities of an associate producer must enable them to be able to respond to the characteristics inherent to their role. They are:

  • Creative
  • Rigorous
  • Organised
  • Able to deal with stress
  • Able to communicate and work in a team
  • A strong analytical mind
  • Natural managers

But that’s not all. They have skills that will make them essential for their boss. An associate producer is able to master:

  • Video game careers
  • The production line
  • Project management
  • Sector expertise
  • English
L'associate producer doit savoir maîtriser tout un ensemble d'éléments dont les métiers du jeu vidéo et de la production
An associate producer must know how to master a whole set of elements including the video game and production careers

Level of study

Doing this job means knowing how to carry out a project, supervise it, manage teams, anticipate actions, etc. In high school, you will have to choose a general high school diploma, specialising in digital and computer sciences, mathematics or economic and social sciences. It is also possible to choose a technical high school diploma in the science of management then do a technical certificate in marketing techniques.

Therefore, a master’s degree is desirable. Leaving education with a bachelor’s degree is possible. However, two additional years will allow you to improve your skills.

What school should you consider for this career?

At G. Business, our management school specialising in video game careers, we offer to train future associate producers. With our bachelor’s degree in video games and esport management and our MBA in Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Video Game Innovation, we offer students the opportunity to learn the basics of the profession.

You will learn the fundamentals of strategy, marketing, project management, communication, and video games for three years.

Then during the following two years, our MBA (recognised in the RNCP Title, level 7) allows you both to improve in strategy related to video games and in management techniques and to learn more deeply how to manage projects, to coordinate people, to finance a video game, etc.

Students will work on real projects during their education, alone or in groups, with other students from the Gaming Campus group. Then, they will have to do several internships.

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Why do an internship?

There’s nothing like doing an internship in a company to familiarise yourself with your future profession and the professional environment. For this, our school offers several internship sessions throughout your studies. This starts from the end of the first year.

For the bachelor’s degree: two months in the 1st and 2nd year. Then three months at the end of the 3rd year.

For the MBA: six months of internship in the 4th year and a 5th year exclusively in internships and fixed-term contracts.

In order to facilitate hiring procedures, we regularly publish offers from partner companies. Also, students are required to research on sites specialising in video games such as those of the AFJV, Seek-Team and Gaming job. These are real gold mines to find internships.

The salary of an associate producer

An associate producer will earn between 25,000 euros and 45,000 euros per year, with an average of 35,000 euros gross. However, depending on the company for which they work, the salary will be different. In addition, if they want to work abroad, they may see their salary rise. For example, in the United States, an associate producer earns from $ 33,000 (the lowest) to almost $ 85,000 per year. In Canada, the range is between $ 40,000 and $ 97,000.

Obviously, this is a general range. Depending on the city, such as San Francisco or Montreal, temples of video games, salaries can sometimes exceed 100,000 dollars annually.

Where can you work?

An associate producer works alongside a producer at a publisher or a development studio. Most video game companies have one or more depending on the size of the structure.


L’associate producer s’assure du bon déroulement de la production d'un jeu vidéo du début à la fin
An associate producer ensures that the production of a video game runs smoothly from start to finish./figcaption>

Possible career development

With their experience and working on large productions, an associate producer can become a producer. They will rise through the ranks. In addition, they can also turn to the digital, audiovisual or animation industries.

The pros and cons

It is a profession that requires daily commitment, which can sometimes prove to be restrictive. An associate producer does not note their hours, must deal with changes and the problems to be solved, and above all they must know how to overcome stress.

On the other hand, the advantage of this profession is that they have a great outlook on the production of the video game, upstream and downstream. They have a certain level of autonomy and responsibilities. They are in contact with all the departments (animation, development, game design, etc.).



Is it possible to be a freelance associate producer?

There are, and it is possible. However, like a producer, it is not commonplace. Knowing that it is necessary to have an eye on all the production and be in permanent contact with all the teams, it is difficult to do so as a freelancer.

In summary

Associate Video game producer in video

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How can you become an associate producer?

Before becoming a producer, for example, you can go first be an associate producer. This is often what we see in studios. To become one, you will need a solid education. We guarantee this at G. Business. Our management school specialising in video games and its bachelor’s degree and MBA training courses provide the opportunity to learn the basics of the profession, become familiar with the sector, its theories and its language, and master certain aspects.