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Video games data scientist

Collecting and analysing data is the daily life of the video game data scientist. For a video game company, this position is proving to be more and more essential since it allows them to design and apply strategies to increase revenues. Therefore, a data scientist can make predictions of player purchases or know how long a player has remained connected to an online game.

Data Scientist Job Description
Last update
Level of studies: master’s degree
Recommended high school specialisation: Scientific
Employability : Good
Starting salary: €4,000
Salary after experience: € 5,000
Mobility : Good
ROME code : M1403
FAP code : L5Z90
"The job of a data scientist consists of enhancing the value of a company's data, in particular by collecting, processing and analysing it. Finally, according to needs, they can create models from data to be able, for example, to predict the future behaviour of a customer (the lack of credit / payment from a bank, phone services being suspended, future purchases in consumer companies, etc.). "
Gameloft Justin Echivard
Justin Echivard
Data Scientist at Gameloft

The responsibilities of a data scientist

To fully understand the behaviour of a player or purchasing actions and equip a character for a video game, it is crucial that publishers hold all the cards and collect data and use it. This is where a data scientist comes in. They will therefore carry out several tasks, namely:

  • Set up data monitoring (acquisition, monetisation, type of players, etc.)
  • Define analysis rules
  • Collect the data
  • Analyse data, synthesise it and translate it simply

Present data and participate in the construction of marketing strategies, quality monitoring

Illustration d'un graphique de données
Thanks to their skills, a video game data scientist is able to collect data and translate it into graphs.
"There are several skills that you will need. The most important is the work ethic and veracity of the analysis or models that are carried out because these can be used by the business and have a significant impact. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure, by using the knowledge of mathematics acquired during studies, to always transmit reliable results. The second aspect is the importance of the computer / programming part in the job. It is, therefore, necessary to have skills in programming. Finally, we must also be able to explain what we do easily and clearly to a "non-technical" audience. Depending on the sector in which you work, the business / profession aspect may be more or less essential, but you must always ensure that you can clearly explain orally and / or in writing the work you have carried out. "
Gameloft Justin Echivard
Justin Echivard
Data Scientist at Gameloft

The skills of a data scientist

It is clear right away that you have to be comfortable with mathematics and even have a very high level. This is also why the level of education is high. More precisely, a data scientist must know and master a series of skills, such as:

  • Algorithms
  • Statistics
  • Forecast models
  • Computing
  • Data management tools (SAS, Python, Access, SPSS, etc.)
  • Web analysis tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, etc.)
  • Databases
Capture d'écran du logiciel SAS
SAS, a data management tool, is one of the many software they must master
Capture d'écran de l'outil Google Analytics
A video game data scientist must know how to use and extract data from Google Analytics

The qualities of a data scientist

An employer is looking for a professional who can translate data and expects a video game data scientist to demonstrate fundamental qualities. It is important to work as a team and to meet the challenges of the specifications. The data scientist must have:

  • A spirit of synthesis
  • A sense of organisation
  • A discreet side, since the data may be of a confidential nature
  • Creativity to constantly improve the analytical process
  • Teamwork skills

Studies needed to become a data scientist

You can’t become one overnight or on the job. Data science must be learned. But before choosing a suitable course, you must, from high school, gear yourself towards a general high school diploma by selecting specialities that will help your future career goal. Focus on mathematics, digital and engineering sciences as well as engineering sciences.

It is possible to both continue your higher education in an engineering school, a business school or choose a video game school. First, you’ll do a bachelor’s degree and then continue with a master’s degree.

Which course?

Do you want to learn to collect data, analyse it, translate it, and then write recommendations to establish strategies that will impact the business of a video game company? That’s what our G. Business School teaches. Whether on our campus in Lyon or Paris, we offer training for future data scientists.

Start first by taking our bachelor’s degree in video games management over three years. Then continue onto an MBA in management of video games and esport. This diploma (also accessible through admission on record) is recognised as a level 7 RNCP Title.

During these last two MBA years, we will discuss financial analysis strategies, marketing, economic models, big data fundamentals, data management, etc. Each year includes internships.

Learn more

To internships

All of our training courses focus on both concrete projects during the course and on professional immersion. It is therefore important that a student can put what they have learned in class into practice. Over the five years of study, they will therefore complete an internship period each year.

The internship lasts two months in the 1st and 2nd year and three months in the last year in the bachelor’s degree. There is a six-month internship in the first year of the MBA and a final year done via a work-study program or by internships and fixed-term contracts.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Data science for video games is done out by people who love video games and data. They go hand in hand. But like any job, it has its share of advantages and disadvantages :


  • Desired profession
  • Good evolution
  • Increasingly attractive salary
  • Growing and innovative domain
  • Gratifying


  • Slightly repetitive
  • Keeping a close eye on things
  • Knowing how to respond to the challenges
"The advantage of this job is that the subjects covered are varied and that we have a real impact in the company. There are also many opportunities. The downside is that there is a bit of everything behind the word data scientist, and sometimes some companies can hire a data scientist to do only spreadsheets or very simple things. Finally, although the topics are varied, most of the work is done behind a computer. Therefore, it is necessary to have at least an appetite for computers / programming because some tasks can be repetitive. "
Gameloft Justin Echivard
Justin Echivard
Data Scientist at Gameloft

What is the salary of a video game data scientist?

We must consider several criteria before talking about an average salary. First, it depends on the employer, years of experience, and employment status. The salary of a video game data scientist can go from 50,000 euros per year and rise to more than 60,000 euros.

And it is higher in Montreal. For example, in the video game capital, the average salary is $ 80,000 (a maximum of $ 110,000). In San Francisco, a temple of innovation, there is an average of 140,000 dollars.

where can you work?

Many video game companies want a data scientist to design strategies, increase income, purchase actions, etc. It is also up to them to be able to analyse advertising revenue and player behaviour. This is to say it is an important role. Social Point, Ubisoft, Blade Shadow, Gameloft are some of the many studios with these data experts.

Illustration d'une stratégie
With the analysed and translated data, a video game data scientist allows the marketing team to establish strategies to increase the publisher’s revenues.

Opportunities within the profession of video games data science

After five years of study, you will have your own experiences as a data scientist in video games. This is a good way to learn the theories of the trade and improve your skills. In addition, you can work in France as well as abroad, the international mobility is very good (if you speak English). Afterwards, there are many possibilities for development: to move into data marketing or become a lead data scientist. You could even work in a universe other than games, such as within a web start-up.

"I chose this profession for the variety of openings (for example, today I work in a video game company) and because the field of mathematics / statistics is of particular interest to me. To do this, I went to an engineering school and specialised in statistics (Ensai). "
Gameloft Justin Echivard
Justin Echivard
Data Scientist at Gameloft

Is it possible to be a freelancer?

Yes, it is quite possible. You can choose to become a video game data scientist independently, to work on your own, for whoever you want. However, several conditions must first be met. First, you must have 2 to 3 years of experience in this position, have a wide range of skills and mastery of tools, and demonstrate organisation and work ethic. The best way to be a freelancer is to start by working and to create your own network.

In summary

How can you become a video game data scientist?

By first going through education. Following a good course with an education focused mainly on video games allows you to learn the basics of the profession of a video games data scientist. With G. Business and our bachelor’s degrees and our MBA in management of video games and esport, you will know how to collect data, analyse it and translate it. You will know how to establish strategies, use database tools, etc. In short, everything that is sought after by companies.