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Video game project manager

A jack-of-all-trades involved throughout the creation process, a video game project manager guarantees the creation of a video game. They take care of the budget and deadlines but mainly work on the coordination between all the teams involved in a game’s development, such as game designers, graphic designers, and developers.

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"The pleasure found within this job is that we aid in the development of team members through the successes of projects of which we are proud," says Pierre-Olivier Marec, co-founder and CTO of the Mobbles studio.
mobile logo Photo Pierre Olivier Marec
Pierre-Olivier Marec
Co-founder and CTO of studio Mobbles

What is their role?

The development of a video game must take into account a whole set of criteria; therefore the responsibilities of the project manager are numerous. They are able to:

  • Design the project
  • Implement methods
  • Manage logistics (budget, staff, deadlines)
  • Coordinate the activities of the different teams
  • Be the interface between management and its teams
  • Manage unforeseen events and risks
  • Control deadlines
  • Respect the budget
  • Supervise and lead teams
  • Manage human resources
  • Ensure the quality of production
"Running a project requires working with teams with varied expertise. You have to evolve and work with developers, artists (graphic designers, illustrators, designers), game designers, and a marketing team. Each of these areas of expertise is vital for developing a video game, says Lucas Odion, project manager at Revolt Games, studio editor of the video game Neopolis Game. The project manager, therefore, has almost the same function as an orchestra conductor. "
neopolis-logo Photo Lucas Odion
Lucas Odion
Project manager at Neopolis

Team meetings are key for the video game project manager

Team meetings are critical for a video game project manager; here, you can see the scrum method.

What skills should they master?

A video game project manager is versatile and can apply skills they have acquired both in specialised schools and in the field. So they know:

  • How to be a manager
  • The technicality of a video game
  • The responsibilities of each person they work with
  • How to dialogue
  • How to make decisions
  • How to manage the project as a whole

What qualities should they have?

"By being attentive to any constraints, project constraints or business constraints, they will be able to propose action plans and ensure that they are carried out. Even if a video game project manager must have a technical understanding and be focused on the organisation of the project, they tend to be people who have a lot of interaction with others. A video game goes beyond a technical deliverable product; it is often more like a work of art. Having a harmonious team allows great things to be achieved," emphasises Pierre-Olivier Marec.
mobile logo Photo Pierre Olivier Marec
Pierre-Olivier Marec
Co-founder and CTO of studio Mobbles

So that the qualities you need to carry out this role are:

  • Able to listen
  • Having a sense of communication and relationship skills
  • Rigorous
  • Organised

What is the high school diploma specialisation that you should consider?

A high school diploma specialising in economics or mathematics is recommended before continuing in management or commerce. However, it is advisable to join a video game school that allows you to learn all about video games, careers in the industry and the market.

What are de the courses you can take?

Project management requires experience; you cannot become a video gamer project manager straight after finishing studies, but only after a few years in the field.

This is why completing a qualifying training course is ideal in order to have a solid foundation in the subject. This is what G. Business offers, our school, located within the Gaming Campus, with the MBA Management in video games and esport which prepares people for positions of responsibility. It is a two-year training course that is accessible through two pathways: after having followed the school’s bachelor’s degree in Video Games and Esport Management or through admission on record (after a bachelor’s degree or after one completed year of a master’s degree).

The whole world of video games is taught within this course and internships complement the training course. It is also possible to go through the bachelor’s degree and then do the MSc in video game programming from G. Tech. The first is a course over three years and the second is a course over 2 years and together they give all the keys to meeting the technical needs of the studios.

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All our schools offer internship periods during the course. Immersions in business like that are essential in order to apply your knowledge and become familiar with the world of gaming. Another plus is that it adds experience to a resume.

From two months to six months of internships each year throughout your time in G.BS through to the last year of an MBA / MSc that can be done in an internship, in a fixed-term contract or through a work-study placement. We suggest that a student who wants to become a video games project manager, at the end of each year of the course, finds themselves in a professional situation within a video game development studio. To facilitate the process, we publish internship offers internally.

Exemple Minecraft.png
Good management within the creation process of a game can give successes much like that of Minecraft

What is the salary of a video game project manager?

At the start of their career (after a bachelor’s degree in Video Game Development), a video game project manager will see their salary rise to around 3,000 euros per month depending on the company for which they work. After several years, their salary can easily reach more than 70,000 euros per year. If you are interested in moving abroad to Montreal, the salary of a project manager is on average $ 75,000 and can easily exceed $ 120,000. In the United States, it is practically the same, with a salary range of between 54,000 and 113,000 dollars.

What potential evolution?

Grâce à sa vision d’ensemble dans la production d’un jeu vidéo et avec ses compétences en matière de management (acquises en MBA / Mastère Production jeux vidéo) , un chef de projet peut évoluer vers d’autres postes à responsabilités – dans le jeu vidéo ou non -, comme directeur de production, producteur multimédia ou consultant.

Thanks to their overall guidance throughout the production of a video game and with their management skills (acquired in MBA / Masters in Video Game Production), a project manager can progress to other positions of responsibility – in the field of video games or not – as production manager, multimedia producer or consultant.

Where can you work?

A project manager works for a video game company. Everyone has their own project manager, or even more than one, from small start-ups to world-famous studios.

Can they be freelance?

In video games, many jobs can be done as a freelancer. However, some are less able to be done in this way. This is the case with the project manager. Companies like to have internal project managers to rely on rather than freelancers. However, it is not impossible. It will take patience and hard work on many projects to become freelance. This is because clients will look at credentials and skills first before hiring you.

start-up studio
The video game project manager can work in a start-up or a video game development studio.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the profession?


  • Significant mid-career salary
  • International mobility
  • Very broad knowledge of the video game industry


  • Strong involvement
  • Large time investment
  • Lower employability

In summary


How can you become a video game project manager?

The video project manager is a true conductor within a studio, and they pilot and coordinate the entire creation of the game. The proper management of game production, therefore, rests on their shoulders. It is a job with responsibilities, so a video game project manager must have all the skills to carry out their mission. To become a video game project manager, you need a few years of experience. Start first with a bachelor’s degree in video games and esport management at G. Business School, then move on to the MBA in management in video games. This MBA is a diploma that prepares people for positions of responsibility. It is also possible to opt for the MSc in video game programming from G. Tech.

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