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UX video game designer

The UX designer is the one who takes into account the user experience in the production of a serious game, a video game or a gamification project. They are often compared to the game designer, and yet their function is a little more important. They must be able to have a good understanding of the cognitive and psychological dimensions of the players.

UX Designer job description
Last update
Level of studies: master’s degree
Recommended high school specialisation: Scientific ou Artistic
Employability: Very good
Starting salary: € 2,650
Salary after experience: € 3,500
Mobility: Good
ROME code: E1205
FAP code: M1Z80
"A UX designer designs user interfaces. They list all the functions that must appear in the application and position them on a model so that its use is fluid. This is a job that requires research work beforehand, which is very interesting, then an organisational and logical side for the design of the tree structure, a technical side for the creation of models and its feasibility in terms of development, and finally a creative side. "
Loopsun company logo Photo by Fanny Koch, ux designer
Fanny Koch
UX designer for Loopsun

What are the responsibilities of a UX designer?

On a daily basis, a UX designer carries out several responsibilities simultaneously according to a specification, namely:

  • Evaluating the expectations of the target
  • Identifying issues
  • Creating course solutions
  • Making recommendations
UX designer
User experience of video games is the responsibility of a UX designer
"The field of user experience covers the methods used to optimise the quality of the user experience and the associated KPIs. It includes user-centered project management, user research, human factors, ergonomics, audience strategy, accessibility, inclusive design and the facilitation of co-design workshops. I work in each of these areas and I have quite a general job. The more specialised UX designers I work with contribute to the design of a quality user experience by bringing their main qualities: interface design, ergonomics, accessibility. "
Logo_Ubisoft Leo_Brouard
Léo Brouard
Product owner and UX designer at Ubisoft

The qualities of a UX designer

When producing a video game, whether freelance or salaried, a UX designer must be able to work in a team, to collaborate with other careers such as the UI designer (user interface) and developers. This is a fundamental quality. But that’s not all, they must have:

  • A sense of communication, analysis
  • A creative spirit and inventiveness
  • A sense of observation and organisation
  • Listening quality


UX design is a profession that is sought after by some video game studios to complement the work of the game designer. It is also ultimately used by all businesses that develop online. A UX designer has almost become essential on the web. So the more they master a range of skills, the more they are able to make a difference. They will therefore need to:

  • Know game design
  • Know how to use design tools (Adobe XD, Axure, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Identify player profiles and their habits
  • Prioritise information
  • Know gameplay, human aspects, emotional
  • Do a job of monitoring and trends
Adobe XD
A UX designer masters Adobe XD software
Axure is one of the software that the UX designer should know
"A UX designer must take into account the use of the application and the audience to which it is addressed in order to design an application that is easy to use for the user. They must be able to understand the stakes of this tool, to have empathy and a certain psychological finesse. They must also have a logical and synthetic mind. Then, mastering tools like Adobe XD, Sketch or Figma are desirable to facilitate the development of the application by creating trees and wireframes for a UI design work (making the app look pretty, attractive, and in the image of the customer)."
Loopsun company logo Photo by Fanny Koch, ux designer
Fanny Koch
UX designer for Loopsun
"They must master the use of quantitative and qualitative research methods, human-centered project management, human factors, audience strategy, change management and the facilitation of co-design workshops. My colleagues would also say the user, but would ask them to master the interface design, ergonomics and accessibility, I think. "
Logo_Ubisoft Leo_Brouard
Léo Brouard
Product owner and UX designer at Ubisoft

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

A fashionable profession, UX design has several advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages :

  • High employability / desired profile
  • Attractive salary
  • International mobility
  • Rapid evolution
  • Transversal profession

The disadvantages :

  • Strong competition
  • Update skills regularly (constant watch on tech)
  • Pressure on goals

For her part, Fanny Koch, explains: « The advantages are that it is a constantly evolving profession, which is very rich and interesting. We must mobilise technical, creative and logical knowledge. Conversely, the disadvantages are based on the need to know how to talk to the client to define their needs with them before starting work to avoid incessant round trips, which can be very time-consuming. « 

"In my case, I speak with everyone about the project, I have a very universal impact, I directly influence the strategic decisions and the direction of the project. I have a wide variety of assignments, and I constantly push the project further in its capacity to deliver good results. In return, I spend a lot of time in meetings, and I have to deploy a wealth of change support and communication to succeed in having an impact. I had to train myself to evolve among egos, corporate politics that are stubborn and resistant to change. "  
Logo_Ubisoft Leo_Brouard
Léo Brouard
Product owner and UX designer at Ubisoft

What level of education do you need to have to do this job?

To work as a UX designer, you will sometimes be required to have at least a high school diploma + 2 years of higher education. However, advise you to choose a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree course. The reason is simple: the more material you have seen and software you have learned to use, the better you will understand it and respond to the projects you’re given.

We can compare the UX designer to the game designer, and yet their roles is different
Which training should you choose and where?

In Lyon, within our G. Art school, it is possible to become a UX designer. First, by following our 2D / 3D computer graphic design bachelor’s degree – Game art. It is accessible after a high school diploma or through admission on record and it will offer you a general education for three years that covers digital and technological culture (game design, programming languages, software, game engines, etc.), video game culture and artistic practice (gaming culture, concept art, graphics, etc.) as well as teaching interpersonal, communication and management skills. Concrete projects and internships complete the training.

Then, the bachelor’s degree can lead to an MBA in technical artistry. In two years, you will perfect yourself in game development and game design. With this diploma, you will also learn to lead projects and manage teams.

Is it possible to do internships?

We make it a point of honour that our students can immerse themselves in the professional environment. For this, we offer several internship periods throughout the course: Two months in the 1st and 2nd year, 3 months in the last year of the bachelor’s degree, then six in the 1st year of MBA and the last year entirely in fixed-term contracts and internships.

How much does a UX designer earn?

It is one of the video game careers for which the salary is on average 32,000 euros per year. Their salary can change depending on their experience to just over 35,000 euros. By taking on responsibilities, a lead UX designer can earn more than 42,000 euros.

In Montreal, the average salary is $ 60,000. Some can go down to just under $ 50,000 or, on the contrary, go up to over $ 90,000. In the United States, pay is exploding with salaries to over $ 100,000 a year on the West coast.

Renaud Forestié UX designer
Renault Forestié is a UX designer for Ubisoft Montreal

Possible career developments?

A UX designer can expand their spectrum of skills by also having a speciality in UI. In addition, they will be able to take on the role of lead UX designer after a few years. They can also try their luck as an artistic director, project director in the web sector or they can even become a game designer.

"I started training as a graphic designer / web designer 11 years ago, after having completed a degree in psychology. It is quite natural that I have turned to web design and then UX design over the years based on the needs of the job market and by following online training. What I like about this job is that you never get bored: each project is different, because each client has its needs and its audience. Being a very curious person, I like to discover new worlds to offer models that best correspond to the state of mind and the needs of the client. "
Loopsun company logo Photo by Fanny Koch, ux designer
Fanny Koch
UX designer for Loopsun

Which companies can you work in?

It could be working for a video game publisher like Sony, Eidos or Konami. You could work for a studio like the Succubus Interactive serious game development studio. Or in specialised agencies such as Newic or Digiworks. It is also possible to work freelance.

« I think the human being is the most important in the design of a product. There are still too many services or everyday products that offer terrible experiences. We spend so much time getting excited about trifles instead of spending most of our time having great life experiences. That’s my job: making sure that people have the best possible life experience and never waste time on trifles, » explains Léo Brouard.

How to work as a freelance UX designer?

One of the many advantages of being a UX designer is working independently. It is a stimulating and attractive profession, so why not take the plunge and be alone at the helm? Many have made a choice to work for video game companies, but it’s not the only route. However, it is advisable to have experience, references, a network, and the ability to know how to manage tasks. Being a freelancer requires a great work ethic and technicality.

In summary

How can you become a UX designer?

S’il est un métier recherché, l’UX designer pour le jeu vidéo est pourtant méconnu. Ce poste occupe une place importante dans le processus de création d’une production puisque chaque détail compte pour combler les attentes des joueurs. Pour devenir UX designer, il faudra donc faire le choix du Bachelor Infographiste 2D/3D – Game art de l’école G. Art et envisager de continuer deux années de plus en MBA Technical artist.

Although it is a sought-after profession, a UX designer for video games is fairly little known. This role is important in creating a production since every detail counts when trying to meet the expectations of players. To become a UX designer, you will have to choose the 2D / 3D Computer Graphics bachelor’s degree – Game art from our G. Art school and consider continuing for two more years with an MBA in technical artistry.